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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ozone?
Ozone (O3) is a highly charged form of the oxygen (O2) that we breathe. Nature has been producing ozone for millions of years. At ground level, O3 and also acts as a natural sanitizer to keep the air smelling fresh and clean. In the upper atmosphere, ozone acts as a protective layer that partially shields the earth from the sun's UV rays. Life on earth as we know it could not exist without O3. This third oxygen atom is loosely attached, unstable and seeks out pollutants. It will then release and oxidize the pollutant on contact.

How Does Nature Produce Ozone?
Ozone is created by lightning during active thunderstorms by splitting O2 molecules in half, and allowing the single molecules to attach to regular oxygen molecules, thus becoming O3. The process is known as corona discharge and often creates a fresh clean smell in the air after a thunderstorm that can be very distinctive. Ozone is also created by ultraviolet rays from the sun striking the earth and its atmosphere.

How does the Odor Free Generator Create Ozone?
The Odor Free generators utilize electricity to create a corona discharge which duplicates the effect of lightning. This technology employs a special transformer that sends a current to the stainless steel screen on the ceramic plate. As a result, the O2 molecule is split, which then combines with other O2 molecules to create the O3 molecule, or ozone.

How Is Ozone Beneficial in Removing Odors?
Ozone is very effective because it will circulate throughout an area and eliminate odors at their source. It actually oxidizes pollutants as it encounters them, whether they are in the air or on surfaces. These include odors from tobacco smoke, food and beverages, body sweat, mold and mildew, animals and pets, garbage, remodeling and many more odor producing substances. It will also follow the same path that the odors took into soft fabrics and oxidize them on contact. Unlike deodorizers, it does not leave a smell or chemical residue in the facility, which some people find objectionable. The treated area becomes free of odors.

What about the machines you put in the corner or on a coffee table that emit ozone and ions and clean the air in your home - are they safe?
Confirm this answer with the EPA as well as Consumer Reports. The EPA says ANY amount of ozone is hazardous to your health. Therefore, they restrict the manufacturers of these in-home devices to only emitting a minute percentage of ozone - not nearly enough to have ANY effect at cleaning air whatsoever. However, if you are sitting next to y our machine, watching television, reading a book, sleeping or whatever, you are inhaling a dangerous gas that is deteriorating your lungs and will ultimately cause health problems for you. In other words, these devices are likely a scan and you should be cautious when considering your in-home air cleaning devices and services.

Our system operates while you are away from the home and leaving behind only fresh clean air upon your return!

What about my fish?
Saltwater fish must be removed from the area to be ozoned. Freshwater fish can stay; however, turn off the filter and cover the tank.

What about pictures and paintings?
Leave them up! Our ozone is produced in a drier form than most other older methods. Dust them off, and your pictures will likely be more brilliant than before!

How do I know if I need a mold inspection?
Mold inspections are often only required during real estate transactions when Questions or issues arise. In most cases, homeowners know they have mold because they can see it or smell it. If you know you have mold, there is no need to pay for a costly inspection. AZ Healthy Home can treat your home, car or office with our low cost solution.

How does Ozone kill mold, allergens, germs and odors?
Ozone, or O3 kills anything living that requires oxygen or O2 to survive including mold and most allergens, germs, bacteria and viruses as well as bed bugs, dust mites, cockroaches, ants, termites, fleas and rodents. It also eliminates odors consisting of living micro-organisms or bacteria. We replace the ambient air completely with ozone, thereby, literally choking these living things to death.

Wouldn't Ozone be unsafe for humans?
Yes, Ozone is a natural oxidizer, we ensure that people, pets, and plants are removed from the ozone treatment area.

How safe are my possessions?
Our ozone is perfectly safe for your stuff. AZ Healthy Home uses a patented ozone production process designed precisely with your possessions in mind. We produce a clean and pure ozone designed to kill the bad stuff while not harming the good stuff!

How can I tell the difference between the deadly mold, black mold, or the household molds?
It simply doesn't matter. Any mold is "bad" or undesirable and unhealthy and should be killed. There are many strains of mold — only a handful of those are "deadly". Mold can make you sick from mild allergy-type symptoms to brain damage. Each strain of mold can affect people individually different. Mold comes in many textures and colors. Black mold does not necessarily mean deadly; but, is nonetheless bad for your health.

What causes mold?
Mold is everywhere in our environment. It travels through the air looking for food and water. Food sources are any cellulose surface such as drywall, wood, and paper. Water sources include the humidity in the air, plumbing leaks, condensation, and other water intrusions such as seepage from cracked foundations.

Can I clean mold myself or do I need a professional?
Clean up is relevant to the size of the problem. Check your bathroom right now. It is likely you have small patches of mold forming at the window sills, ceiling fan vents, and tub and shower caulking/tile joints. You can clean this with your choice of store bought tub and tile cleaners. Larger surfaces such as walls, boxes, ceilings, with large volumes of mold often require a professional. AZ Healthy Home can prescribe the lowest cost alternatives for killing and removal.

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