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AZ Healthy Home Blog

Helping Phoenix Valley Homeowners to Live & Breathe Healthier

AZ Healthy Home - Greater Phoenix Valley Arizona Indoor air purifier system for cleaner indoor air quality. We inspect, correct and protect your home from odors, ozone, & allergens.

AZ Healthy Home Blog - Helping Phoenix Valley Homeowners to Live & Breathe Healthier

10 Tips to Beat Fall Allergies in Phoenix

Phoenix residents can finally see the end to the long, hot summer and 100+ degree temperatures. Cool nights may tempt many to open the windows and doors, but along with cool air coming in, you get the pollen and allergens that are exceptionally high this year.

Careless Weed growing wild after monsoon rains in a Phoenix backyard.

Careless Weed growing wild after monsoon rains in a Phoenix backyard. Photo © by Giselle Aguiar

We had a lot of rain this monsoon season encouraging wildflower and weed growth.

Blooming right now are Russian thistle (aka tumbleweed), careless weed (pictured), desert ragweed, Bermuda grass, sagebrush, salt cedar.

In the fall, as the nighttime temperatures begin to drop, a layer of cooler air becomes trapped by a layer of warmer air above. Particulates, including dust and pollen, become trapped in this cool air mass close to the ground, right at nose and mouth level.1

Here are 10 tips to help you survive the fall allergy season in Phoenix:

  1. Keep your doors and windows closed as much as possible. I know it’s tempting to open the windows to let in the cooler air, but if you or your children suffer from allergies, you have to keep them closed and the air conditioning on.
  2. Rinse your doors – both front, back and garage. Obviously you need to open your doors to get in and out, so periodically spray them down to remove allergens that may have collected there.
  3. Vacuum carpeting with a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filter. It would be best to not have carpet in the first place.
  4. Add indoor air-cleaning plants. 
  5. Keep pets outside of bedrooms. You spend a good amount of time in the bedroom. Pets, besides carrying allergens like dander, also bring in the pollen from outside. Bathe them regularly to minimize allergens.
  6. Wash bedding and curtains often. Wipe blinds and verticals regularly. Nothing collects dust and allergens like curtains. Buy allergy-proof pillow and mattress covers. Though dust mites prefer more humid weather than what we have here in Phoenix, we just came out of our humid monsoon time which may have encouraged dust mites.
  7. Take off your shoes at the door. You don’t need to track in allergens. Keep a box or shelves to house shoes near the door.
  8. Get an indoor air quality inspection to check for air and water leaks that may be causing allergy and asthma symptoms.
  9. Have your home professionally cleaned of airborne indoor allergens.
  10. Install high efficiency HEPA air filters in your air conditioning unit. Once you have your home cleaned of allergens, keep it that way with a high-end microfiltration system to reduce airborne particulates in your home.

Contact AZ Healthy Home for an indoor air quality inspection today!

AZ Healthy Home

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This information is solely for informational purposes and not for medical advice. Please consult an allergy/asthma specialists.

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